VIDEO: Watch Inside the Investment Committee 2017

We are pleased to present a recording of “Roadmaps and Hangovers,” our 2017 Inside the Investment Committee event, which gave attendees an inside look at the thoughts, views, and strategies of our investment team.

Table of Contents

(To go directly to a speaker, drag the round video playhead to the time listed below.)

0:00 – Ken Solow, founding partner and chairman of the Investment Committee | Client attitudes toward risk management.

21:14 – Rick Vollaro, Chief Investment Officer, partner | Roadmaps and Hangovers

38:50 – Sean Dillon, technical analyst | U.S. Equities Late Cycle Review

50:04 – Sauro Locatelli, quantitative analyst | U.S. Equities Early Cycle Review

1:05:07 – Carl Noble, senior analyst | International Equities Review

1:19:08 – Questions from the audience

The event was recorded at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center hotel in Columbia, Maryland, on April 1, 2017.

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