Comprehensive, industry-leading financial planning.

Retirement and Social Security planning, charitable giving, tax mitigation strategies, estate planning... our Wealth Managers can do it all.

Pinnacle Advisory Group has assembled a veritable all-star team of professional Wealth Managers, with expertise that goes well beyond what you’ll find at most firms. They’ve come to financial planning from a variety of fields: law, accounting, psychology, economics, chemistry — even theater.

While the Wealth Managers work with their own individual clients, they also meet together regularly to discuss specific cases. As a result, the Pinnacle client benefits both from the personal attention of his or her own planner, and from the combined wisdom and experience of the entire team.

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  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Education planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Small business planning and exit strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance planning
  • And just about any other planning service you can think of...

The sharpest mind in financial planning.

Every industry has its stars — those individuals who not only distinguish themselves as experts, but whose thought leadership actually transforms their professions. In the world of financial planning, Michael Kitces, CFP®, MSFS, MTAX, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, REBC®, CASL® is one such person.

Financial Planning magazine labeled him the industry’s “Deep Thinker,” and in 2010, the Financial Planning Association honored him with the Heart of Financial Planning Award — the industry’s greatest recognition. While generally given as a life-time achievement award, Michael won it at the age of 33.

A popular speaker, he is also the co-author of The Annuity Advisor and Tools & Techniques of Retirement Income Planning, and appears regularly in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Investment News, the Journal of Financial Planning, Financial Planning magazine, Financial Advisor magazine, Kiplinger, Money,, and the Financial Post. In May 2012, the prestigious Journal of Financial Planning named him the publication’s first Practitioner Editor.

With Michael as both a partner and Director of Wealth Management, Pinnacle clients benefit from his cutting edge financial planning research long before the rest of the industry. Our individual Wealth Managers use his work to guide their own planning, and consult with him directly when a client is facing an unusual financial problem.

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Michael Kitces

We do today what everyone else will be doing tomorrow.

Through Michael's leadership and our commitment to innovative, research-based financial planning, we provide our clients with strategies and techniques that may take years for the rest of the industry to adopt.

For example...

Know how much you can safely withdraw.

Retired Americans who rely on their portfolios in retirement face an important challenge: How do you know how much money you can withdraw each year without taking so much that you run out of your assets early?

Planners have been researching safe withdrawal rates for years, with most concluding that 4% was a good rule of thumb. Michael’s cutting edge research moved the debate past the old assumptions when he demonstrated that safe withdrawal rates are actually tied to market valuations. If markets are undervalued, then your withdrawal rate can be higher; if they are overvalued, the withdrawal rates have to be lower. Pinnacle’s Wealth Managers use Michael’s groundbreaking research when determining withdrawal rates for their own clients.

Use asset location to minimize taxes.

We use specialized portfolio management software that we spent a year helping to design that enables us to manage each client’s portfolio with tax efficiency. We treat each total portfolio as if it were one large account. All of your assets remain exactly where they always have been, of course, but our software gives us the ability to place your most tax efficient assets in your taxable accounts and the most tax inefficient in your tax deferred or tax free accounts.

In doing so, we’re able to minimize your taxes and significantly enhance your long term wealth creation.

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