The Mason-Beren Wealth Management Team

Guiding clients in building and protecting their wealth and reducing the stress and time demands of making financial decisions.

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Pinnacle Advisory Group
6345 Woodside Court, Suite 100
Columbia, Maryland 21046
Phone: (410) 995-6630; (301) 621-8007
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Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial and life goals by guiding them in growing their wealth, preserving it for retirement, and passing it on to others in the future.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our financial planning process is at the core of our offering as we work with you to identify your long-term goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and extend your impact on those you care for.


We guide our clients in saving for retirement, transitioning into retirement, and navigating their financial course through it. With an understanding of cash flow needs, lifestyle choices, activity and travel opportunities, and multiple sources of income, we help you manage your retirement, because getting there is not the only goal.

Portfolio Management

We manage our clients' portfolios using active management that builds diversified portfolios across selected asset classes seeking growth, income, or a balance of each. We offer portfolios for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors.

Estate Planning

We help our clients navigate estate planning and guide them in working with planning professionals. We encourage them to identify who should manage their assets if they become incapacitated, define how they intend to leave their assets and divide them, and determine who should administer their estate.

About Pinnacle

CLIENTS: 1100+
OFFICES: Columbia, Maryland;
Naples, Florida; Miami, Florida

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