Investment Management

Investment Management
Our proprietary investment method combines portfolio diversification with active management, so you have the money you need for the lifestyle you want.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning
Retirement planning, 401K rollovers, tax mitigation strategies, estate planning, small business planning, insurance analysis, education planning... our experts can handle it all.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management
We'll manage your investments, maintain your financial plan, and watch over every aspect of your financial life, so you can spend time doing what you love instead of worrying about your money.

Work with the sharpest mind in wealth management.

With Michael Kitces as both a partner and Director of Financial Planning Research, Pinnacle clients benefit from his cutting edge work long before the rest of the industry. Our individual Wealth Managers use his research to guide their own planning, and consult with him directly when a client is facing an unusual financial problem.

"Michael Kitces is the universally-acknowledged brainiac of the financial planning world, touching tens of thousands of clients as he educates thousands of advisors each year."

"A major force in the planning profession… Kitces has been at the forefront of the evolution of financial planning."
Investment News

"Michael Kitces has become the profession’s most reliable commentator on complex financial planning issues."
Inside Information

“In Michael Kitces… the industry has its intellectual. Kitces thinks deeper than most people about a wide range of topics in this field.”
Financial Planning Magazine

Michael Kitces

A financial advisor with integrity

An award-winning, nationally-ranked firm

Honest investment reporting

Many financial advisors spin their investment performance numbers to make them look better than they actually are. Our investment returns are GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) certified — that’s the gold standard when it comes to honest performance reporting.

Advice with no conflicts of interest

We don’t sell insurance, mutual funds, or any other financial products, nor do we receive kickbacks for referring clients to them. Our services are entirely fee-based and free from any conflicts of interest.

We've received a host of industry and consumer awards. Pinnacle is on the cutting edge of private wealth management, and we're grateful that others in the profession have recognized our hard work.

Michael Kitces