How to Choose a Financial Advisor

We recently received a question at our website from a troubled consumer of financial advice who wondered how he might compare Pinnacle’s wealth management process to that used by his current advisor. That’s an excellent question. After all, there is no Consumer Reports for financial advisors where firms are evaluated by objective and independent experts. The best we can do is recommend a process of evaluation that will give an educated consumer confidence in choosing the right financial advisor.

How to Take a Tax-Deductible Vacation

As my clients, friends, and colleagues know, I love to travel. While my vacations have not (unfortunately) been tax-deductible, they have been memorable experiences that will stay with me forever. For that reason, I often encourage my clients to take vacations; after all, we don’t know when our health will change and we’ll no longer even be able to travel. You don’t want to be one of those people who will someday look back with regret on the things you didn’t do.

How to Protect Your Tax Refund from Identity Theft

Jean and Carl are your everyday couple. They are looking forward to retirement in a few years and don’t have a very complex tax picture. Like many of us, they procrastinated on preparing their taxes but know they have to get them filed so they can get their refund. They have a cruise planned for the beginning of May and their tax refund will pay the balance owed for the trip, and give them spending money for souvenirs.